We’re helping PIF build better lives for homeless and at risk young people

2020 marks our 12th year supporting the Property Industry Foundation and the tireless work they do supporting homeless and at-risk young people.

The Property Industry Foundation is committed to making a tangible difference to the serious and persistent problem of youth homelessness.
Our industry is uniquely positioned to tackle this problem. Together we’re making a difference, with companies and people from across the industry joining forces to provide in-kind services, professional advice and goods as well as donations to build secure homes and bedrooms for at-risk and homeless young people.

Ganellen has been a supporter of PIF for over a decade. 2020 will mark our 11th year as principal sponsor of the Property Industry Foundation’s Annual Charity Ball, the biggest event in PIF’s fundraising calendar. Last year the glamourous event raised over $260,000 to help reduce youth homelessness. We look forward to smashing that total in 2020.

What does it mean to experience homelessness?
For most people, the word ‘homeless’ conjures images of rough sleepers on the street – this is only part of the picture.

Homelessness can take many forms. For some it means sleeping on the street. For others it is living in crisis accommodation. For many it means having no permanent home, living in temporary arrangements without security, perhaps moving between the homes of friends and relatives, or living in squats, caravans or boarding houses. Because of this, the problem can go largely unseen.

In Australia there are 44,000 young people experiencing homelessness every night. A frightening 40% of these are under 12 years old. Abuse, family violence, intergenerational poverty, mental illness, and exiting state care are among the many and varied reason that young people face homelessness. Many young homeless people have fled from their dysfunctional and abusive environments only to find themselves in a far worse predicament on the streets.

How does PIF help
The mission of the Property Industry Foundation is to make a tangible difference to the serious and persistent problem of youth homelessness. This is achieved by partnering with respected charities to build safe environments and support charity-managed initiatives focused on education, employment and well-being.

The PIF House Program builds homes for at-risk and homeless young people across NSW, Victoria and Queensland. In these homes, carers and counsellors provide support and mentoring to rebuild young lives. PIF Houses are run by different charity partners, with each providing a nurturing, positive place that promotes life skills, education and a transition to independence.

PIF’s goal is to build 125 bedrooms by 2021.

In addition to the annual charity ball, we continue to support PIF throughout the year by participating in fundraising events.

PIF StreetSleep
In 2019 a group of Ganellen champs slept rough in the Sydney CBD to raise funds for PIF. Thanks to the efforts of the group and the generosity of the people around us, we were able to raise a massive $16k, making us the highest fundraisers in NSW.

PIF Sydney Charity Regatta
We took to the seas to watch the spectacle that is the annual PIF sailing regatta. All proceeds of this much-loved event go towards helping PIF build houses for homeless young people.

Hard Hat Day
We held a scrumptious BBQ at our King and Phillip project site, in partnership with our mates at Top Knot Carpentry and Joinery to raise funds for PIF

How can you help

  • Donate directly to PIF
  • Volunteer your time
  • Join one of PIF’s exciting fundraising events
  • Plan a fundraiser at your workplace
  • Run for a cause in a community event
  • Talk to your business about becoming a corporate donor