About Us We're building a better future together.
Our Story
Our Culture
Founded in 1998, Ganellen is an Australian construction contractor. Working across all major sectors, we deliver to the highest standards across a range of sectors.

Our Vision

Building a better future for our people, clients and community.

Our Mission

To grow sustainably by creating better outcomes and opportunities through the professional development of our people, and our passion for what we do.

These are our values. They inform every decision we make and action we take.

We are passionate about doing the right thing by our people, our clients, and the community.

Loyalty. We are bound by a unique loyalty through an earned trust in our people.

Unity. We work as one, supporting each other by sharing knowledge and responsibilities.

Commitment. We commit to our client’s vision, and to our people’s right to work in a safe and nurturing environment.

Honesty. We give straight, truthful answers. Our honesty justifies our confidence as experts and builds trusting relationships.

Progression. People grow when they’re supported, but thrive when they are empowered to forge their own path.

Safety & Quality

We believe in creating better, safer workplaces for our staff, contractors and the community.

Our systems are regularly reviewed and audited to ensure compliance and identify areas of continuous improvement.

Safety and Quality


We support and engage proactively with local and global organisations to make a positive difference.

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